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Who is CHEAP

Who is BEST

Plain Salt, other treated products, or ZIPPY'S 

ZIPPY'S is the BEST and the CHEAPEST !


and the colder it gets the better Zippy's performs.

Do your own honest testing and you will agree, we are the best and cheapest.

CONTRACTORS want the cheapest ... plain salt is cheap ... but you did't win.  Because, you will apply 2 to 3 times more Salt to match one application of Fire Blend.  How much extra in trucking will you have to pay?  How much more storage do you require?  How much more handling, loading, and spreading product?  And you are still fighting frozen CHUNKS of salt!  Smooth, easy flowing Fire Blend melts to -15° fastttt.

EXAMPLE ... Your salt truck holds 2 tons, you get 6 accounts per load and you need to reload 4 times to finish the day.  Fire Blend cuts everything in HALF or less and performs better!  Look at how long you are driving, customers get faster service, less loading,  less loader time idling during snow events, man hours saved!  You still convinced Salt is cheaper?  It's simple to realize why Zippy's is cheaper to use, we are simply that good and you just haven't tried us.  Now add the fact that Salt isn't even close to Fire Blend in quality, melting speed, endurance over ALL snow events.


You still think that Salt is CHEAPER or better?  Read more below.


Zippy's FIRE Blend simply melts and dissolves and leaves your pavement cleaner.


Do you wonder why you have so much extra SALT in your parking lot afterwards?  Did someone spread too much or was it not melting fast enough so they added more?  Now where does all the extra salt go?  It tracks inside, it ruins floors, a negative environmental impact, a tripping issue, makes your account look ugly, the next snow it is pushed off, money spent on nothing and a simple loss of money! 

Zippy's MELTS ice, fast!


* 8 tons Salt @ $90 ton = $720 + trucking 

* Good to 15° then need even more Salt 

* FREEZES at 10° and worse as it gets colder

6 hours or more to finish day 

* Loader idled 5 hours to keep itself warm

* You still have very poor performance  

* Not Melted, not so happy clients 

Zippy's Fire Blend

* 4 tons @ $150 = $600 + trucking

* Good to -15° and beyond

* Less working hours to finish day

* Less loader time

* Instant melting performance

* Happy Clients and melted parking lots

* Less Liability & Exposure to Risk.


Zippy's Ice Melt

FIRE Blend is the #1 ice melt, nothing better

√ Melts fast to -15° and beyond 

√ Actually costs less because you use a lot less

√ Made with CALCIUM CHLORIDE ... the best!

√ Works much faster … instantly!

√ Much better temperature range

√ Works better in all varieties of weather

√ Bio-degradable color to  see your spread pattern.

√ Rust inhibitor added

√ Anti-caking agents added

√ Organic natural polymers

√ Water soluble safe colors

√ Less indoor tracking, "sized" dissolves faster

√ "Sized" products offers less chances of accidents

√ Melts fast in ALL weather conditions 

√ Provides your clients with a safer environment 

√ Less chance of liability

√ Safe for surfaces when used as directed

√ Harmless to vegetation when used as directed

√ Zippy's can accommodate your specific needs 

√ Outperforms Salt and other ice melts

√ Zippy's costs a little more at startup but quickly out paces Salt and is cheaper to use every time and  keeps clients happy with how well you've made their environment safer and cleaner


√ Salt works very slowly at 15°

√ Salt, you need more to work at lower temps

√ Salt is cheaper at start but loses after that

√ Salt has a very poor temperature range

√ Salt does not perform well in most weather

√ Road Salt is vulnerable to foot traffic injuries

√ Salt dissolves slowly

√ Salt tracks indoors and ruins floors

√ Salt requires much more indoor cleaning

√ Salt requires larger amounts to melt ice 

SALT will cost you more every time it's used 

We use the BEST ingredients to provide you with the fastest melting with least amount of product ... you save money, you get faster and lasting results to guard against on-going icy conditions.  These are things that Salt and lesser ice melts will not. 

... LIABILITY ... 

Ice & Snow Management is a risky business, are you doing your best to protect your clients and yourself?  If you're in the business long enough you'll probably see an unfortunate incident occur; then the questions will be, what were your preventative measures?  Using a quality ice melt is the only correct action that actually creates a safer environment and for the longest period of time.  They know it and you know it, now what happens?


Zippy's Ice Melt is soooooo much better than road rock salt and way better than sand/salt mix, and extremely better than just sand.  Many contractors say, "My customers will not pay for ice melt."  Yes they will; can you afford the risk of not doing it?  It's simple, no one wants to fall but when an injury has happened and now insurances are involved or worse (you're in court) ... what do you think will happen.  It's not good and it probably could have been avoided.  Now your reputation is at stake and it could be hard to repair and your insurance rates will undoubtedly rise.  Yes, insurance companies run "loss-run" checks and it pays to keep a clean record! 

The FACTS are this ... Zippy's melts ice!  Getting to the pavement NOW is the answer.  Covering it with anything less is simply a big risk ... some say they want traction ... a melted surface is about as good as it gets isn't it?  People can slip and fall over loose sand or cheap ice melt that isn't working ... so, use the best and relax, Zippy's can help you.  Zippy's melts, it dissolves, it helps to dry the pavement!  We have PREMIUM ICE MELT ... simple and truthful comparisons will prove it, you do your own tests, if done truthfully we will surpass others. 

And finally, are all ice melts the same?  Not at all.  Zippy's offers the very top-tier products that actually perform way above and beyond others and we will be less expensive at the end of the season!  Melting to the pavement is the answer; covering it with a salt/sand mix simply isn't the "normal" anymore and things get worse as temperatures get colder ... you know, we know it, and any good attorney knows it.  Sorry, it's just the facts.  Ever had a client say that my neighbor's parking lot is melted and mines not?  Yes, they look and they can clearly see what they are getting for service.  Do you want to keep the client?  Another fact, per account, per application, there is NOT a significant increase in pricing to scare any client from saying no to getting better and safer services as opposed to any increase you feel you need to add.  Actually we are cheaper because you will use less ... are you going to pass along the savings?  Probably not, so why are you still waiting?  Does anyone else guarantee their products like we do?  We are that sure about our products and that you will be satisfied. 

INJURIES are BAD ... Zippy's offers the following safety idea and it has worked amazingly well.  Place a couple shaker jugs at every entryway and you will be surprised how others will spread the ice melt when they think it is needed.  This increases everyone's safety awareness and helps avoid unfortunate incidents.  Everyone that has done this has told us how well it has worked!  Plus, you can refill Zippy's shaker jugs with Signature Blend for approximately $2 each!  It's hard for you to be there 24/7 ... but our SHAKER JUG can!

Another thought you should be aware of ... do not place any products in "unmarked" containers that do not have proper information of contents on the container, as not everyone is capable of understanding what it is and how it should be used.  Again, only use clearly marked containers for everyone's safety.

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